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Name: xtylerx
General Location: victoria, bc 
Age/Sex: 17/male
Interests: sleeping large amounts, going to shows, elevator riding

Favourite Bands (minimum of 5, please): trickytricky.... how about comeback kid, zombie zombie, thunderbirds are now!, jamiroquai, cannonball adderley
Genre of music most of your musical tastes fall into: hardcore, emo violence, screamo, indie, ska, downtempo, acid jazz, goa, psytrance, industrial, hardwave, ____core, jazz, bebop, hard bop
Least favourite genre/element in music (ie. sound of certain guitars, screaming, etc): this is difficult.  I guess lack of musical depth, in any form... usually how technical the elements are.  I can't stand to listen to most slow pop ballads and country music, for this reason. 
Favourite Albums: also trickytricky... I'll say "comeback kid - turn it around", "jamiroquai - return of the space cowboy", "infected mushroom - converting vegetarians", "champion - count our numbers", "zombie zombie - self titled ep",  "miles davis - kind of blue", "saetia - retrospective", "air - virgin suicides soundtrack"

What was the last album you bought? nine inch nails - further down the spiral.  I like it a lot, I've had it on my computer for a long time and always considered it the best nine inch nails release. 
Best show you've ever been to? this is very hard.  I would say "Step It Up, Miracle Mile, In Stride, Discord, Machine Gun Kelly" at the gary oak room in victoria.  next to that would be "Arturo Sandoval" or "Wynton Marsalis".  but I can't forget the "Death From Above 1979" show in nanaimo.  Hardcorefest and "Endless Fight, Hollow Ground" were great also. 
Worst show you've ever been to? hahaha... there've been a few.  I would have to say "Supernova, Next of Kin" at fernwood.  I only went because I was bored, and going to another show later.
Do you play any instruments and/or are you in a band? I play saxophone, keys/synth, guitar, and bass.  I'm not in a band right now, other than a not-counting hardcore project.  I'm starting my own project soon.  A hardwave band with me playing synth.
Recommend one lesser-known band you think we should all listen to. zombie zombie, step it up, an albatross,
Secret Word: Fuse!
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