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First post in this community no one has joined yet. It is also breaking a rule its not friends only / members only. oh well
I hope this community can work well.
not going to post any songs as well it is unlikely anyone will see them or will be expired by the time some people see it. I have no idea how fast this community will grow (if at all).

Name: Troy Lemberg
General Location: BC, Canada
Age/Sex: 18, Male
Interests: the local scene, music,

Favourite Bands(min 5 please): The Mars Volta, Regina Spektor, Air, De Facto, Thunderbirds are Now!, The Arcade Fire
Genre of Music most of your musical tastes fall into: Hardcore and Indie
Least favourite Genre/element in Music (ie sound of certain guitars, Screaming, etc): countryesque lyrics...haha and gangsta rap style
Favourite Albums: Deloused in the Comatorium(The Mars Volta), Funeral(Arcade Fire), Soviet Kitsch(Regina Spektor), A Retrospective(Saetia)

What was the last album you bought? Compton Demo or Arcade Fire's Funeral
Best show you've ever been to? Death From Above 1979 show or Hollow Ground/Endless Fight show
Worst show you've ever been to? not many shows come to mind there have been a few where i didnt pay to see just was wasting times till next show
Do you play any instruments and/or are you in a band? really bad guitar and not in a band currently
Recommend us one lesser-known band you think we should all listen to. Thunderbirds are Now!
Secret Word: Fuse!
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