Brian Salo (thabrian) wrote in music_emporium,
Brian Salo

Name: Brian Salo
General Location: Courtenay, BC, Canada
Age/Sex: 17/Male
Interests: guitar, acting, writing music, writing lyrics/poems, technology, gaming

Favourite Bands(min 5 please): (in no particular order) Linkin Park, Crowned King, David Usher, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Matthew Good (and Band), Ryan Cabrera, Swollen Members, Wide Mouth Mason, Amber Pacific, Fall Out Boy, The Ataris, Alien Ant Farm, Billy Talent, Atmosphere, Kyprios, Dialated Peoples, Maroon 5, Lamb of God, Story of the Year, Handsome Biy Modelling School, Yellowcard, Coldplay, Depeche Mode, Keith Urban, Sweat Shop Union, Jack Johnson, Lostprophets, Sam Roberts, Muse, System of a Down, Buck 65, Our Lady Peace, Auf Der Maur, Barenaked Ladies, Custom
Genre of Music most of your musical tastes fall into: General rock and hip-hop
Least favourite Genre/element in Music (ie sound of certain guitars, Screaming, etc): Music that is just noise, and generic country...
Favourite Albums: (again, in no order) So Long, Astoria, By the Way, Ashes of the Wake, Ocean Avenue, Songs about Jane, ANThology, Paul's Boutique, American Idiot, Page Avenue, Under the Cork Tree, Audioslave's self-titled, Start Something, Fast, Take it all Away, Morning Orbit, If God had Curves, In Between Dreams, Beautiful Midnight, Underdogs, Avalanche, Bad Dreams, Collision Course, Reanimation, Hybrid Theory, Elephunk, Tell All Your Friend, Where you Want to be, The Possibility and the Promise, Your Stories my Alibis, Absolution, Break the Silence, Hybrid Theory e.p., Elocation, Everything to Everyone.

What was the last album you bought? Matchbook Romance - Your Stories, My Alibis and Amber Pacific - The Possibility and the Promise.
Best show you've ever been to? When Wide Mouth Mason played at Summerfest or Story of the Year at Warped Tour '04 and Billy Talent at '05... Just combine those all into one show.
Worst show you've ever been to? A punk show where it was outside, and raining, and Miker and I were deemed the bouncers and when the equipment was just about going to get soaked from water falling off of a tent we had to move it quickly... all the music that day was basically screaming metal with no melody, cept for Pravda... represent!
Do you play any instruments and/or are you in a band? I play guitar with small amounts of bass and drums. On the second one... not at this moment, although I'm looking to start a band.
Recommend us one lesser-known band you think we should all listen to. CROWNED KING!
Secret Word: Fuse!
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