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Emporium of Music Trading

8/13/05 03:25 pm - thabrian

Assuming I have been accepted, and in an attempt to keep this community alive, here is a music post from me

Z-Trip - Breakfast Club

8/8/05 02:07 pm - thabrian

My ApplicationCollapse )

8/1/05 06:28 pm - picklehammer - word

apppplication.Collapse )

8/1/05 06:07 am - picklehammer

asfasfCollapse )

7/31/05 08:25 pm - dalamar501 - First sharing

First Sharing of some songs

Hardcore - kind of like Rage against the machine thou
Scene Celebrity by The Warriors

some Le Tigre
Deceptacon by Le Tigre

so im going to request anything

7/31/05 06:00 pm - dalamar501 - Accepted Users

Accepted UsersCollapse )

7/31/05 06:37 pm - dalamar501

First post in this community no one has joined yet. It is also breaking a rule its not friends only / members only. oh well
I hope this community can work well.
not going to post any songs as well it is unlikely anyone will see them or will be expired by the time some people see it. I have no idea how fast this community will grow (if at all).

Even i shall fill one out, applicationCollapse )
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