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This is a place to trade songs, share cool bands with others, or to simply try something new.
This community was created in the same vein as sharemusic. The main difference is that we accept members by application only, in order to keep the community small.


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- Read all of the rules
- Fill out an application and post it within a reasonable amount of time from when you join
- Don't be rude
- Try to be respectful of others’ musical tastes
- Try not to post too much popular music; members will only be allowed to ask for so many guilty pleasure songs a month
- Don’t post more than once per day
- Don't request full albums at a time. If you need the album, request the individual songs over the period of a week.
- Try to post a couple of songs in each post
- Please place any large lists behind LJ cuts
- Avoid posting your playlist and letting people pick from that. Instead, choose songs that you think people would be interested in
- On the application, fill in the secret word as 'Fuse!' so that we know you have read the rules and agree to abide by them
- Vote on new members’ applications

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This community is made for requesting songs that are hard to find. Aside from mp3's, you can also send .m4a files, but please make a note of it if you do. If you can help it, please avoid posting .wma files.

You can share your files in a couple of ways - the easiest of which is to upload it on YouSendIt. Simply go to the website and upload your file.
When it has finished uploading, there will be a link that you can copy and paste into an LJ entry. If you make a song request, you can choose to post the email address to which you want song to be forwarded to.

When posting your music, if you add 'http://anonym.to/?' to the front of the link YouSendIt gives you, it will have unlimited downloads. (ie. http://anonym.to/?http://s18.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX)

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Fill this out and place it behind an LJ cut in your first post in the community. Thank you.
If you don't know how to use an LJ Cut, please read the LiveJournal FAQ.

General Location:

Favourite Bands (minimum of 5, please):
Genre of music most of your musical tastes fall into:
Least favourite genre/element in music (ie. sound of certain guitars, screaming, etc):
Favourite Albums:

What was the last album you bought?
Best show you've ever been to?
Worst show you've ever been to?
Do you play any instruments and/or are you in a band?
Recommend one lesser-known band you think we should all listen to.
Secret Word:

You don't have to promote the community or post pictures of yourself, but you may if you want. If you do, please keep it clean.
Accepted Members

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